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sweet sixteen♥ [Sunday,
October 30th, 2005]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so for my birthday,
we decided to go to niagara falls yesterday.

me & dan♥

but my birthday is tomorrow. yeahh on halloween. and i've already heard "that explains a lot" and everything else you could possibly say about that so save it lol.
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October 17th, 2005]
[ mood | crappy ]

i woke up superbly late, so i had to rush and didn't end up wearing make-up today. i'm sorry everybody! haha. umm last night i was on the phone with dan so i guess maybe i was up a bit late and that's why i slept in? probably not why. i always, always, ALWAYS have a hard time waking up on stupid monday mornings.

english media studies;; hmm we just worked on our pop culture collages - grocho kicked me in the back, thanks so much.
english;; uhh we took up chapter 6, took down a note on chapter 6, and read chapter 7 of the great gatsby...n of course me and kaila had one of our talks about boys haha!!
lunch;; obviously we played asshole & that's about it
religion;; did notes, did work on jewish festivals
parenting;; finished the sex video, watched the st. martin's video, worked on chapter 5 handouts, got the "baby think it over" information...what have i gotten myself into?!
ryan won $300 + a 5lb chocolate bar + a coca cola sweater + 2 cases of chocolate for selling all those damn chocolates. when he didn't even sell them...his sisters did. obviously.
i took the bus home - nick, sonny, corey, chantelle & ryan were on it. haha it was a funny ride...then i got home, did my parenting review and ummm my religion homework then basically just chilled.

i miss daniel sorta kinda? - i was on time for all my classes today;; which means i didn't spend too much time with him in the halls.
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October 7th, 2005]

okay okay so a life update right hurr;;
basically i am going away for this weekend. and i am going to miss my boyfriend terribly.
i am convinced that he is nothing short of amazing.

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September 20th, 2005]
ahhh i totally forgot to say this but...

12 - 6 ... WOO GO US! next game maybe us cheerleaders will actually cheer at! har har har, we need to get those uniforms...gahh i'm so excited!!!

AND the perks of being a wallflower has surfaced && i can finally finish reading it. hoorahh!
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August 21st, 2005]

you should join.

such pretty words

August 21st, 2005]
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August 21st, 2005]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

okay, so i'm listening to a song that totally describes my situation.
i have a boyfriend, and don't get me wrong, he's probably the best boyfriend i've ever had, and he's awesome. but it seems like sometimes he doesn't want to talk to me, and that for us to talk I have to make the effort.

well anyways i also look like i got into a fight cause my friend accidentally burnt me with his cigarette and i have bruises EVERYWHERE from 2 stupid people--one who held me down and tickled me, and the other who just attacked me with tickling. okay it wasn't fun. IT WAS PAINFUL! grr...

so anyways, new pics. of me NOT straightening my hurr. Read more...Collapse )
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August 13th, 2005]

Every good thing that's happened in my life I've essentially managed to talk out of existence. I'm not gonna do that this time. – DAWSON CREEK

"By moonlight many years ago my true love did I know. And by that moon I begged her wait, but that night did she go. So young lovers heed my words, don’t squander love away. The moon is changing ever still so comes the light of day." – DAWSON CREEK

Look, you wanted a kiss. Is that what you want? Are you prepared for everything that comes along with that kiss? 'Cause it doesn’t just end with a fade out, alright? There are repercussions. Hearts get broken, friendships get ruined...your entire life could fall apart because of one kiss, alright? That’s what you have to look forward to! So, do yourself a big favor: don’t rush it! – DAWSON CREEK

All I’ve been thinking about lately is how much I want to take back our first kiss. How much I would pay to just let you climb through that window. I mean, who knows what would have happened? I mean, maybe we’d still be best friends. Maybe you’d still have a thing for me. I just know that I wouldn’t be hurting like this. But then I think about. Everything that kiss brought into my life. What it was like to look at you and know not just what you were thinking, but what you were feeling, because I was feeling the same thing. And then it’s all worth it. It’s worth all the pain that I’m going through. I want to regret kissing you, but I can’t. It was the smartest decision I ever made. – DAWSON CREEK

You're probably right. I'm sure I don't have any idea what you're going through. How hard it is to let someone go. How painful it must be to know that as right as you two are for each other, it doesn't mean you're right for each other right now. I wouldn't know a thing about that. About how it makes you want to scream, or hit someone...or cry. – DAWSON CREEK

To love someone, when there is no chance of that love ever thriving, that is romance. – DAWSON CREEK

How do you explain the things you love? You can't. You just do. – DAWSON CREEK

...And you help each other realize that all the things you want to be...you already are. – DAWSON CREEK

Don't let yourself get so angry that you stop loving, because one day you'll wake up from that anger and the person you love will be gone – DAWSON CREEK
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survey 1; im bored. [Saturday,
August 6th, 2005]
[x] I am a teenager.
[x] I have smoked/done drugs before.
[x] I have a friend who smokes/does drugs.
[ ] The last time I cried was while I was watching a movie.
[ ] I cry often.
[x] I love shoes!
[x] Whenever I'm bored, I usually just listen to music.
[x] I'm ALWAYS bored.
[x] McDonald's is better than Burger King
[x] I prefer rock music over rap or R&B.
[ ] The reason I couldn't answer the last question is because I like all or most types of music.
[x] I like to read.
[x] I have good grades and I'm still better than you!
[ ] My CD collection is so big I took a whole day just to count them all.
[x] It didn't take a whole day, but my CD collection is still big.
[ ] Troy is one of my favorite movies.
[x] I have at least 2 siblings.
[ ] I love cheesecake!
[x] I cuss too much, and I know it.
[ ] I have a friend that I look up to because (s)he is a great influence.
[ ] I am obsessed with a hot celebrity
[x] Ah h8 pPl DaT tYp3 lYk Di5.
[ ] The reason I couldn't answer the last question was because I COULDN'T READ IT!
[x] I think homework on the weekends should be outlawed.
[ ] I think homework period should be outlawed.
[ ] My favorite color is red.
[ ] I love changing my layouts.
[x] I have taken a shower with more than 2 people of the same gender as me. With or without bathing suits.
[ ] I am going to/planning on going to a concert in the next month.
[x] I like cats better than dogs.
[x] I can't wait for Pirates of the Carribean 2 to come out!
[ ] I live in California.
[x] I want to live in California.
[x] I like football
[ ] I should be doing my homework now, but...
[ ] I only put an "x" on the last one because even though I don't have homework to do, I should be doing it anyways since that's how I am. It was all out of guilt.
[x] I hate eggs.
[ ] SpongeBob is awesome!
[x] Randomness makes me laugh. Really loud.
[ ] I'm thirsty.
[x] I like DVD's.
[x] I can't wait for Christmas.
[ ] I have a certain name for idiot
[x] In the last 24 hours, I've talked to somebody on Instant Messanger
[ ] I am currently on a laptop.
[ ] The laptop belongs to me.
[x] I wish for a lot of things.
[ ] My birthday is coming up sometime this month.
[1. Name/nickname] NATASHA/casper, natti, tash, tashie, nat, turner, little one
[2. Birthday] October 31
[3. How old are you? Do you like your age?] 15 and yes…but not as much as I’ll like being 16
[4. Astrological sign?] scorpio
[5. Where were you born?] Hamilton, Ontario, canada
[6. How many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them?] 2, for the most part I do
[7. What school do you go to?] bishop ryan
[8. What school are you going to after your finished with this one?] um mcmaster or u of guelph
[9. Are some of your friends going to that school with you?] I don’t know
[10. Who is your best friend(s)?] Rachel, Melissa, chantelle, zach, mike, daina ++
[11. What are your school colors/mascot?] black/white/green - celtics
[12. Do you/your friends have school spirit?] I do, cheerleading. wuut.
[13. Do you like your school?] yah it’s pretty good
[14. Have you ever ditched class by yourself?] yes
[15. Have you ever ditched with your friend(s)?] yes
[16. Have you ever dropped a class?] yup
[17. Ever skipped a whole day of school?] yes
[18. Ever gotten suspended?] nope
[19. Ice cream:] vanilla
[20. Color:] green; pinks a close second though
[21. Beverage:] lemonade
[22. Number:] 4
[23. Famous person:] sonny moore & conor oberst
[24. Website:] myspace
[25. Football team:] I don’t have one, just like football players pretty much lol
[26. Basketball team:] I hate basketball
[27. Baseball team:] I hate baseball
[28. Sport overall:] cheerleading, waterpolo, swimming, diving, field hockey, soccer…there’s a bunch of them
[29. Food:] pizza with just cheese
[30. State in the U.S.:] hawaii
[31. Flower:] hibiscus
[32. Subject in school:] history/law/biology/English/French/drama/geography. What can I say, I’m smart so they’re easy, and I like easy stuff. =)
[33. Type of music to listen to:] emo, rock, punk, ska… LOVE SONGS<3
[34. Music artist(s):] cauterize, sugarcult, the used, the spill canvas, fall out boy, brand new, nirvana, our lady peace, alexisonfire ++
[35. Weather condition:] either sunny but not humid or too hot or thunderstorms
[36. Gone fishing?] yes
[37. Went camping/to camp?] yes to both
[38. Been on a cruise?] nope
[39. Watched the movie "Titanic"?] yes
[40. Went caroling at Christmas-time?] nope
[41. Snuck out of your house at night?] yup
[42. Stolen your best friend's boy/girlfriend?] well I didn’t “steal him” but I dated him
[43. Stolen anything?] yup ahaha my lipgloss
[44. Went skydiving?] nope…I want to though!!
[45. Been to ground zero where 9/11 happened?] nope
[46. Been to more than 5 states in the U.S.?] yup—virginia, florida, new york, north Carolina, south Carolina, Georgia, maine…most of them on the east coast
[47. Voted in a presidential election?] nah; 1) not old enough, 2) not american
[48. Met a really really famous person (if so, who)?] jeff hardy, trish stratus, randy Orton, vince carter, the band billy talent…that’s about it though
[49. Been rock-climbing?] on the fake ones
[50. Been to a professional sports event (i.e NFL game)?] yup, CFL, NHL, AHL
**DO YOU... (random)**
[51. Own a LIVESTRONG bracelet?] yup
[52. Know someone personally/related to someone who is famous?] no
[53. Know the Muffin Man?] nope sorry
[54. Like strawberry-kiwi flavored things?] nope
[55. Like sarcasm?] yess I do
[56. Pre-judge people?] sometimes
[57. Have a short-attention-span or sometimes think you do?] yes
[58. Think you were blonde in your past life or blonde now?] no
[59. Get bored easily?] yup
[60. Like surveys?] sure
[61. Hate when surveys are over?] sometimes
… Love Life …
Do You have a boyfriend/ girlfriend: yes
If so whats there name: daniel
How Long: 2 weeks now
Do you Love them: not LOVE yet
Crushing or Loving: just daniel
Have you ever been dumped: yes
… Random...
Do you like to read: GOOD books and magazines, yes
Whats your middle name: anya…but we’ll go with plain ANNE
Whats your favorite Movie: I don’t know I like a lot
Cursive OR Print: combination
Favorite Restaurant: la luna
Are you in Love: no
Do you like New Found Glory: not really
Funny OR Sarcastic: both
Pepsi OR Coke: coke
McDonalds OR Burger King: mickey d’s
::Thought provoking Questions::
1. What do you think of the death penalty?:: iaunno
2. Should Technology only go too far?:: nope go as far as we can
3. If you had to choose between killing yourself in a violent, sickening way or your friend in an easy way, who would die?:: I’d kill myself over killing a friend I guess
4. How many people can you honestly say you'd give your life for?:: anyone in my family, probably any of the kids I work with, my true friends…probably anyone. I wouldn’t be able to live knowing that I could have done something and didn’t so someone died
5. Have you ever fallen in love, love so deep it hurt worse than anything else, love so deep you couldn't imagine spending your life without that person?:: nope
6. Would you ever want to go back and change something just to see how things would turn out?:: ya
7. Have you ever seriously considered dying to end it, not just suicide?:: NOPE
8. If everyone you loved betrayed you, would you give up living and be a hermit?:: no, I’d just do really well in school, get really rich, and make fun of them and their trailer lives when I’m rich, successful, and happy.
9. What if everyone around you died, drag yourself forward, or wallow in misery?:: drag myself forward
10. Why do you think so many marriages end in failure?:: because people give up too easily
11. Is the world messed up beyond healing?:: no
12. Would you rather be in a f5 tornado or trapped in a blizzard?:: blizzard
13. Would you rather die now or live forever?:: awh man…neither
14. Die today without pain, or die later with heart-wrentching pain?:: later
15. What would you do if one of your friends turned out to be Gay?:: nothing
16. Is it better to be too quiet or too outgoing?: neither
17. If someone with a crush on you, or your ex-BF/GF threatened to kill themselves if you didn't go out with them/take them back, would you go out with them?:: yes
18. What's your view on long-distance and online relationships?:: pointless
19. Better to have loved than never loved at all?:: yeah
20. Did we really land on the moon or was it a clever hoax?:: we landed on the moon obviously wtf
21. Are there others out there besides us?:: yes
22. Do you believe in life after death?:: sure
such pretty words

August 3rd, 2005]

i miss my boyfriend like woah.

++ curtis has overdosed. i had to go see him in the hospital yesterday, i felt kinda obliged to. he was kinda out of it, lucky for me. ughh the kid's an idiot. like you'd think the first time this happened he would have quit completely. but apparently not. he's such a retard..as long as he's alive i don't care really.

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the perks of being a wallflower♥ [Monday,
August 1st, 2005]
hey guys. found this poem which made me want to read the perks of being a wallflower so i'm going to go try to find it tomorrow.

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my sunglasses match my cocaine case-i'm so LA♥ [Sunday,
July 31st, 2005]
it really is super cute and kinda sad.
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all credit goes to lj user augustandafter
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another lurvely quiz.♥ [Saturday,
July 30th, 2005]

Which Sin Are You?
Favourite Color
You are... Wrath
This cool quiz by chibigarm - Taken 444334 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

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July 27th, 2005]
a w w w w w w w w w w w w man.

can i ask all of you an honest question?

is there something wrong with me?
why can't i have perfect for once?

an answer would be excellent.

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this week: [Tuesday,
July 26th, 2005]
i'm super busy this week, and i'm really bored/tired right now so i'm gracing you all with a super long post.

monday-->worked 9:30-5:30, came in late. real exciting.
tuesday-->worked 8:30-5:30, went to see charlie & the chocolate factory. and it pissed rain so i ended up staying until almost 6 because parents were super late
wednesday-->regular day, 9:30-5:30 shift
thursday-->trip to the toronto zoo, 9:30-5:30 shift
friday-->working at camp/the dance, 1-9 shift. thumbs down!

on a side note, i miss daniel. =( i haven't talked to him yet today and it's really poopy. frowns all around. i would really like for this one to work out.

and i also hate most of my co-workers cause they're immature ugly bitches. except for this one who's attractive, and damn, he's like 20. i'd be trying harder to get his attention. but yaknow, he hits on my 13 year old sister instead & i have the only boy i need right now. ^_^
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SHOPPING!! [Wednesday,
June 29th, 2005]
[ mood | blahh ]

went shopping at limeridge today;;

- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 pair of sandals
- 4 shirts
- 5 pairs of booty short underwear...

other than that today was a super excellent day at staff training ^_^

love you guys!


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confessions. [Sunday,
June 26th, 2005]
[ mood | hyper, bored. ]

okay so i've decided (since i'm super duper bored and such) to give you lovelies a bunch of reasons to think i'm a whack job. ^_^ YESSS!!

1) i have an obsession with a boy named eric that goes to my school. i hope anyone that goes to my school and has LJ reads this. i've been obsessed with him since grade 9 and he thinks that i'm gross, and slutty...or something like that. damn, he's so hot. but everyone who knows who i'm talking about think's i'm a fucking looney, mainly because we've never had a class together, and the only real form of contact we've ever made with each other is me telling my friends to tell him that i think he's hot, and i love him and want to bang him repeatedly...and when me n his best friend used to throw vinegar at each other on lunch in grade 9. THENN he dyed his hair black and bought converse...and i developed my strange obsession with what my friends call a "greaseball". <3 <3 <3 <3 lol. my goal for next year is to speak to him. a lot, preferably. maybe the fact that i'm going to be behind a year in science and in business [yes, i'm going to be in grade 11 with grade 10 business and science...and i NARROWLY escaped grade 10 math too...] will get me a class with him ??? here's to wishful thinking. lol

2) i often go on MSN but don't speak to anyone. just because they're just so goddamn boring and i have better things to do...like download music and update my LJ ^_^ right kiddos?

3) i speak french to my cat. but i don't think she's listening because she's too busy being fat. lol

4) the movie "white noise" really bothered me. i started crying and couldn't finish watching it. pretty much because i believe in ghosts, aliens, psychic abilities, EVP, ouija boards, communication with the other side, etc...and i'm scared SHITLESS of all the bad things coming to get me or something like that. iaunno.

....more coming later. i'm done being bored for now, thinking of watching white noise and getting over my pussy ass self.

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this is what happened in english class today =] [Monday,
June 20th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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curtain call. [Friday,
May 27th, 2005]
[ mood | lonely//sad//confused ]

my journal's gone friends only.

<33 comment here and you'll be added. (unless i hate you)

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happy victoria day* [Monday,
May 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | strong ]

yeeee--victoria day. (to those who don't understand, it pretty much means i don't have to go to school and i get to go to fireworks. w00t-w00t!!!) not that it really matters--i'd be home from school by now anyway =(

for some reason my weekend feels wasted, even though i DID do alot. friday night; went to a show. i must say, condemmed fallacy was the best band there. they were awesome--and hot. thenn on saturday i think i slept most of the day and watched star wars<3 while curtis decided to shoot a roman candle at his friend and get arrested. sunday--fair/fireworks/bbq...n today; GRANDMAS HOUSE. ahah i am just so cool. we're going to fireworks later on. yayyy! then school tomorrow; EW. i dont want to go at all, but i dont exactly have a choice. dammit.

--watched van helsing today. the friar is friggen jokes. awww...i forgot how much i love that movie =) i'm so lucky that my grandparents are cool and have good movies ehh...

may the force be with you.



You're like me! The intelligent loner. You're shy
at times but friendly, and you are never weak
and always independent. You are incredibly
intelligent (wise beyond your years) and have a
talent for many things (sports, music, art).
You have a kind and warm personality and enjoy
the simple things. Like hanging out with
friends and watching movies at home. But you're
sometimes quiet nature makes you a bit of an
outcast and a mystery to people. No matter how
pretty you are or smart or athletic, you just
can't seem to break into the crowd and be
noticed. Don't worry, try to be more outgoing
and speak out when you have more to say. Don't
hide behind your books and sports and computer,
get out there and get noticed. You also have
deep desires in life and feel vunerable and
alone at times. Don't feel sad either, What
helps me to express feelings and dreams that I
can't say to people, is through my writting.
Maybe you should try.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
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